Tips for Remote Learning during Covid-19

Remote Learning Oakleigh Grammar

We are already four weeks into term two of the school year, and whilst we can see students have adjusted well into the remote learning, this is still a new challenge for most, and it will probably be like this for a few more weeks.

Below are some online learning strategies particularly for senior school students to further build up their online learning skills. By changing our habits and how we learn from home, this will help you get the best out of this unusual experience.

Successful Remote Learning Strategies

  1. Give yourself enough time in the morning to prepare for the day ahead

Start the day as if you normally would to get up and ready to go into school. Wake up at least an hour early before you need to be at your desk. Make your bed, eat a nutritious breakfast and get dressed. Getting out of your pyjamas and dressing for success is vital for effective thinking. Building a morning routine will help you get in the zone for a productive day of learning.

  1. Exercise boosts brain power

Regular exercise boosts brain health, and a fit brain is generally able to learn better. Our mind is also most active and alert after exercising, which is why spending time exercising before starting your day or during your breaks will stimulate your mind. Even spending 1 minute exercising will provide you with energy for a great study session. It will also reduce any stress relating to your school work or other worries during this time.

  1. Keep your designated study space clean and tidy

Whether your elected study space is the desk in your bedroom or even the kitchen table, it is important to mark this as your regular sport and to make a commitment to keeping it clean. Having consistency of working in the same spot and only having the essentials necessary to learning on your study space will help you think with clarity and inspire creativity. The right conditions will boost your learning performance and help you do better in school.

  1. Be present

When you are online in class on Microsoft Team, it is essential to be fully present. Treat remote learning the same as if you were in the classroom, don’t fiddle, look out the window or allow yourself to be distracted. Train yourself to focus by cancelling out all other noise, try using headphones to do this. Parents and family should also be considerate of creating a distraction-free environment for their children.

  1. Go outside for morning recess and lunch breaks

Your breaks are a critical part of your day to re-energise and improve attention, as well as avoid becoming fatigued. However, your break shouldn’t consist of staying at your desk looking at social media. A break will only be completely beneficial if it is taken out of your study space. Instead of staying inside, use this time to have a device free moment. Get some fresh air by going for a walk, take a stretch, do some exercise, spend time with your family or play music and have a dance. Use this time to unwind and recharge.

It will take time and hard work to get through this difficult period, so it is in your hands to change your habits and how you handle remote learning. You are more capable than you think and it is up to you to decide how you will work through this challenging learning environment. We know you can do it and we are here with you every step along the way. Good luck!

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