International Study

Oakleigh Grammar embraces students from many different countries and cultures by cultivating a very unique, internationally minded learning community.

Learning English

As Oakleigh Grammar has a small number of Chinese speaking students, international students are able to practise their English speaking skills through full immersion, which is often the best way to practise a language.

Our school is committed to supporting and integrating our students who speak English as an Additional or other Language into meaningful learning programs through English-medium approaches. It is important for these students, both educationally and emotionally, that we integrate them into our learning community and that we interact with them meaningfully and often.

The goals for students learning English as an Additional language are the same as those of their English-speaking peers. However, the way that they reach these goals can be different. These students require additional English language support, extra time to complete activities, support and varied exposure to English in a range of contexts before traditional assessment is entirely appropriate.

International Brochure Cover

Download Brochure: English | Chinese


Before starting at Oakleigh Grammar

Students who are studying at a language centre in Melbourne are contacted a month prior to commencing at Oakleigh Grammar. A time is arranged with their language school or guardian for the student to come to the School for half a day. During this time they are given a tour of the School. They will also meet with the Head of Senior School so they can choose their subjects. Once the student’s timetable has been finalised the School will also assist the student with the ordering of text books and uniform.

On the student’s first day at School

The student will meet with the International Student Welfare Officer (ISWO) who will introduce the student to their student buddy and the current student leaders. The ISWO will provide information about living in Melbourne. Information about the various facilities, service and resources provided by the school will be explained to the student. These will include the First Aid Officer, the School Librarian and key administration staff. The student will also meet the Careers Counsellor for an introductory session.

The school bus and/or the public transport system will be explained to the student as well as a familiarisation of the local Oakleigh area.

The International Student Orientation Program is designed to assist in settling the student into the school routine, in getting to know a number of Australian students and in becoming aware of important information about living in Australia and about living in Melbourne, in particular.

Any issues or difficulties for the student can be discussed with the staff at the Orientation Program.

Admission Information

App Form

Steps to Admission

Each application for admission received by the School must include:

  • The Oakleigh Grammar Application for admission form signed by a parent/guardian
  • School report for the applicant from the most recent 2 year period
  • A copy of the applicant’s passport
  • A recent photo of the applicant
  • Admission Process
  • Registration Fee of $500 (non-refundable)

All students from a Non English Speaking Background (NESB) seeking a place at Oakleigh Grammar must be tested by Australian Education Assessment Services (AEAS). The AEAS Assessment has been specifically developed for international Primary and Secondary school students wishing to study in Australia.

The AEAS Assessment includes:

  • English Language Proficiency (2 hours),
  • Mathematical Reasoning Ability (30-45 minutes)
  • Non-Verbal General Ability (30 minutes approximately).

For more information or to visit the official AEAS website click here.

Academic requirements

Students must show that they have been consistent in their academic studies over a two (2) year period. As a general guide, students studying English as an additional Language should be achieving a 75% average. Students should average 70% in all other subjects.

It is important that parents and students understand the need for high level English schools especially when entering the senior levels in all subject areas.

School Fees

Parents accept offer by signing the agreement and returning it to Oakleigh Grammar, then paying a semester’s fees and any other fees as required.

International student fees are $27,500 per annum with one Semester fees to be paid in advance. This fee includes the student school books but not uniform, excursions or homestay fees

Education agencies, Guardianship and Homestay service providers