Oakleigh Grammar is governed by the School Board which consists of elected members of the Greek Orthodox Community of Oakleigh and District.
Father Stavros Kakavas
Parish Priest/School Chaplain
Chris Damatopoulos President/Board Chairman Oakleigh Grammar
Mr Chris Damatopoulos
President/Board Chairman
Mr George Giannaros Vice President Oakleigh Grammar
Mr George Giannaros
Deputy Chairman
Sam Vassos Treasurer Oakleigh Grammar
Mr Sam Vassos
Bill Petridis Board Member Oakleigh Grammar
Mr Bill Petridis
Board Member
Jim Samarniotis Board Member Oakleigh Grammar
Mr Jim Samarniotis
Board Member
Mark Robertson Board Member - Ex-officio Oakleigh Grammar
Mr Mark Robertson
Board Member - Ex-officio
Mr Christos Kontos
Ms Stacey Kalafatis
Board Member
Mr Jim Goutoglou
Board Member
Mr Spiro Nikolakakis
Board Member
Mrs Angela Stathopoulos
Consultant Member
Mr Nicholas Stavrinidis
Consultant Member
Mr George Carydias
Consultant Member