Oakleigh Grammar has offered the Arrowsmith Program for five years and is the largest Arrowsmith site in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Arrowsmith Program is a suite of cognitive exercises based on the principals of neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to change.

It has assisted thousands of students with learning difficulties since 1978. The program strengthens underlying weak cognitive capacities, enabling students to become more effective, confident and self-directed lifelong learners.

We firmly believe that all students can thrive with learning and have seen firsthand the gains they have made with this world-leading program. Unlike many other learning difficulty programs, the Arrowsmith Program focuses on the whole brain rather than an isolated area, and addresses the root cause of a learning difficulty.

The Arrowsmith children and teachers form close bonds throughout the year, reflecting the strong family atmosphere of our classes.

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"Arrowsmith has been a game changer for our son, who in Year 8 was struggling to stay in school let alone thrive. He started halfway through Year 8 and is finishing up at the end of Year 9. The transformation in terms of self-esteem, resilience and personal development have been amazing. The excitement he has felt with every accomplishment and mastery has been wonderful to watch.

We are very confident come next year in Year 10 he will begin his new journey with confidence. This time 2 years ago we weren’t even sure we’d be able to keep him in school till Year 10 and here we are, it’s been amazing. We can’t recommend the Arrowsmith Program more highly."


Oakleigh Grammar Arrowsmith

The Arrowsmith Program addresses underlying difficulties in a broad range of learning differences.

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  • Dyslexia

  • Dyscalculia

  • Auditory Processing Disorder

  • Dysgraphia

  • Short/Long Term Visual Memory


The Arrowsmith program also addresses difficulties in many other areas. Please refer to the Arrowsmith Program website for more information https://arrowsmithschool.org/descriptions-of-learning-dysfunctions-addressed/

The Arrowsmith Program at Oakleigh Grammar

Arrowsmith classes are small with approximately ten students per Arrowsmith teacher and assistant. In addition, the Head of Arrowsmith and support teachers for tutoring and mainstream classes are available for assistance, as required. All are Arrowsmith trained and are experienced teachers in the field of learning difficulties. Most Arrowsmith program students complete four cognitive exercises per day and two mainstream classes of their choice.

Parent sessions – Parent sessions are conducted early each year to allow parents to experience their child’s Arrowsmith cognitive exercises. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to teach their parents and show them what they are doing each day at school. Many parents cannot believe just how difficult the exercises are, giving their child a great source of pride.

Parent Information evenings – Parent Information Evenings are held at the beginning of each year. This is an opportunity to learn about the program, meet other families and ask questions.

Parent/Teacher Interviews – Parent Teacher Interviews are held twice yearly to report on the progress of your child. Teachers also communicate with parents regularly through email.

Pathway Planning – All students in the Arrowsmith Program, upon completion receive individual pathway planning for transition to mainstream classes, further education or careers options with the assistance of the Head of Arrowsmith, Head of School and Careers Advisor.

Arrowsmith Student Testimonials

The process for the Arrowsmith Program at Oakleigh Grammar has four stages:

Stage 1: A full Arrowsmith Program 1:1 cognitive assessment is conducted to determine your child’s learning strengths and weaknesses.

Stage 2: The results are assessed in Toronto Canada by the Arrowsmith Psychometrist and an individualised cognitive program is designed for your child.

Stage 3: When your child begins in class, two weeks of 1:1 workshopping between the student and teacher commences to teach the process of each cognitive exercise.

Stage 4: An annual full Arrowsmith Program cognitive assessment is conducted to determine gains in your child’s cognitive function.

Is the Arrowsmith Program suitable for your child?

Use our checklist tool to determine whether your child’s learning difficulties are typical of those addressed by the Arrowsmith Program.

Alternatively, please contact Admissions to discuss your child’s learning needs and suitability.

Admissions: 8554 0014 or email Admissions@oakleighgrammar.vic.edu.au

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Arrowsmith Program Total Fees:

$27,360 (inclusive of Arrowsmith program fee, Homework Club and School fees.)

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