Junior School

The Oakleigh Grammar Junior School leads the way with a personalised approach to learning. Prep to Year 5 incorporates the principles of explicit teaching and inquiry-based learning, focussing on developing the fundamental literacy and numeracy skills that will equip them for the Middle and Senior School years of learning.

Explicit instruction (teacher directed teaching) and inquiry based model (student centred learning) are the core of our Junior School. We believe that students need a broad learning experience tapping into key developmental areas whilst still reflecting and honouring our school heritage.

The Junior School Quartet which begins in the ELC offers students differentiation of learning styles across their Junior School years allowing students to benefit from a combination of the curriculum styles. The program is supported by a highly qualified team who focus on prioritising our students in their learning and wellbeing.

Junior School students focus on developing the fundamental literacy and numeracy skills, and also enjoy a range of exciting subjects including music, languages, science, history, technology, visual arts, drama and physical education.

Students are also exposed to a range of co-curricular opportunities including private or group music tuition, ensembles, choirs and sporting teams. Students may also elect to take part in various Learning Enhancement programs such as Chess Club, Games Room, Art Club, Robotics Club, Tournament of Minds, GATEWAYS and Debating.

Students link their classroom learning with the outside world through The Leader in Me Process, as well as camps and excursions throughout the school year.

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Prep to Year 2


Our students entering Prep to Year 2 have an Explicit Instruction based approach which is teacher directed.  This approach and its principles align with a more traditional method of delivery.  Oakleigh Grammar Junior School identifies that there are specific skills our students need to master, creating a scaffold for future success.

All students require a consolidated foundation in reading, writing and mathematical concepts, all of which are clearly and sequentially embedded within each child’s learning.

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Year 3


Year 3 is a time of transition where our students will have mastered many of their early years’ foundations in literacy and numeracy and will now begin to acquire more complex understandings in readiness for Years 4 and Year 5.

Explicit Instruction continues in Year 3 and begins to Build to Inquiry.  Students work towards a balanced of learning ‘explicitly’ and then applying their understandings using their inquiring’ minds.

Year 3 is a specified learning experience which acts as a ‘launching pad’ for the students as they move into Year 4 and Year 5.

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Year 4 & 5


The final stage of our Junior School Targeted Quartet Model remains rigorous and is designed to build on our students’ previously acquired competencies and confidence as they continue  to navigate their own learning, building in confidence and consolidating their knowledge and skills. Through increased application and a global lens; Thinking forward, thinking globally,  students are set up for success as they transition into middle school.

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The Leader in Me

Leadership development is given priority at Oakleigh Grammar, especially within the Junior School. Students are educated to recognise their own unique talents, leadership potential and are encouraged at all times to strive for their personal best.

A special feature of leadership development at Oakleigh Grammar begins in the early years. The children follow the program “The Leader in Me” which is based on “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey. This program has proven to be hugely successful in creating self-directed learners who can identify and demonstrate their own leadership capabilities. “The Leader in Me” continues throughout the Middle and Senior School as students move their focus on the “7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens” providing them with the abilities to expand their key leadership skills.

We are proud to be the first Independent School in Australia to be accredited as a Leader in Me Lighthouse School. We encourage our students to showcase initiative and creativity to develop the skills to find their voice and encourage others to find theirs.

Learn more about “The Leader in Me.”