Our Policies & Procedures

School Community Code of Conduct Policy

Oakleigh Grammar believes that community members play a valuable role in the life of the School and all students, parents, teachers, support staff and volunteers have the right to be safe and feel safe in their school community.

Child Safe Policy

The Child Safe Policy (the Policy) aims to provide policy guidance to assist the school students, Staff, Contractors, Volunteers and other Stakeholders in maintaining best practice in Child Safety. A key policy outcome is to minimise the risk of harm to children and promote their participation and wellbeing.

Privacy Policy

Oakleigh Grammar’s privacy policy is a statement (in privacy law) that offers guidance in the  disclosure, some or all of  the protection of individuals within the School in regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data.

Staff Code of Conduct Policy

All teachers, staff, volunteers and Board of Management of Oakleigh Grammar are required to observe child safe principles and expectations for appropriate behaviour towards and in the company of children, as noted below. Our Senior Leadership Team, consisting of Heads of School and Deputy Principal, are the School’s Child Safe Officers.

Business Policy 2020

Oakleigh Grammar is required to keep our Community informed and up to date with the correct practices across planned absences, removal of students, insurance, medical, student withdrawal, authority and idemnity, information and fee policies.

Mandatory Reporting Policy & Procedure

The Mandatory Reporting Policy & Procedure provides the School, its Staff, Contractors and Volunteers with an outline of what to do in the event of incidents, disclosures or allegations of child abuse against a student or child in the care of the School. The Policy must be read in conjunction with the Child Safe Policy.

Uniform Policy

At Oakleigh Grammar students are expected to wear their uniform in a way that reflects pride in their own appearance and in their School. All students need to be correctly dressed in School uniform whilst at the School and travelling to and from the School.

Terms and Conditions for iPad Use 2020

These terms and conditions apply to the student intending to use their own iPad and their parent/guardian.

Harassment Discrimination and Grievance Policy

This policy provides a framework to assist the School in resolving unlawful discrimination and harassment grievances at Oakleigh Grammar.

iPad Manual

Oakleigh Grammar is incorporating digital learning throughout the curriculum with the use of computers and electronic whiteboards. Web 2.0 tools are beginning to be used and the introduction of iPads will further enhance students’ learning.

App List 2019

These are a list of Apps that need to be downloaded onto student devices prior to the beginning of the commencement of the Academic Year 2019. Please note that this list is subsequent to change during the year and students will be informed when necessary of any additions.

Whistleblower Policy

The purpose of the Whistleblower Policy is to allow Oakleigh Grammar staff, parents, students, volunteers and members of the School community to report serious concerns about school operations through appropriate and confidential channels without risk of retaliation, victimisation or harassment in any form. The policy is to ensure that all School operations are conducted ethically and with integrity.