Oakleigh Grammar acknowledges the value of critical, creative and reflective thinking skills nurtured through visual and performing arts.

The Arts challenge us with different points of view, compel us to empathise with others, and gives us the opportunity to reflect on the human condition from a global context across historical and cultural divides. An increase in arts educational experiences has remarkable impacts on students’ academic, social, and emotional outcomes. There is strong evidence that arts educational experiences can produce significant positive impacts on academic and social development.

Oakleigh Grammar acknowledges the value of critical, creative and reflective thinking skills nurtured through visual and performance-based education. These skills and experiences are essential in preparing students for tomorrow’s world by encouraging imagination, flexibility, adaptability, and risk-taking, made possible through a well-rounded curriculum.

Oakleigh Grammar provides a wide variety of Visual and Performing Art opportunities which include:

Early Learning Centre and Junior School

Dedicated Dance, Music and Junior Art lessons are taught by our experienced specialist Arts Teachers

Middle School

Electives in Visual Art, Media, Visual Communication Design, Music and Drama

Senior School

Learning is consolidated in VCE Drama, VCE Media Studies, VCE Studio Arts and VCE Visual Communication Design

Students work in purpose-built facilities across our School that cater for 2D and 3D Art, photography, ceramics, Mac and PC facilities for Art, Media and Visual Communication Design, a green screen room, a dedicated dance floor mezzanine, Makerspace, and a Drama room.

Students participate in visits to museums, galleries, and theatre events, as well as collaborate with visiting artists and workshops. Oakleigh Grammar also offers an additional layer of educational opportunities for interested students outside the timetabled curriculum. This includes lunchtime Art Club, choir, band practice, ensembles, full-scale annual Music and Drama performance events, ELC to Senior School Art Show and performance opportunities throughout the year across Dance, Drama and Music.

In addition to the School’s core music programme, students may also undertake private instrumental tuition taught by our specialist music staff. Students have a choice of string, keyboard, brass and woodwind instruments. For more information, go to our Music Webpage.