Vision, Mission and Ethos


A leading co-educational school that provides quality education at an international standard.

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Empower our students with a commitment to academic excellence and a zest for life so that they can contribute meaningfully to our community and society.


Our School is founded in and inspired by Orthodox Christianity and Hellenic language and heritage.

We are inspired by:

Values that are founded in our Orthodox Christianity, and Hellenic language and heritage.
Innovation that emerges from future-focused thinking about education and the world.
Citizenship that is responsible and respectful.
Scholarship that is demonstrated through excellence and effort.

We express our ethos through the character of "A Zest For Life":

Venture: embracing opportunity and striving for the best.
Identity: recognising where we come from and knowing that we belong.
Courage: standing up for what matters to us and our school.
Service: giving generously and passionately to others and our community.



We embrace humility, fostering a sense of modesty and open-mindedness in our students and wider community, guiding them to recognise that learning is a journey without end, where every step is an opportunity to grow and gain wisdom.


We ignite the flames of aspiration in our staff and students, setting ambitious goals and equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and determination to achieve them, empowering them to dream big, plan strategically, and work diligently to transform their aspirations into tangible achievements. Ultimately, we aspire for all of our students to have a ‘zest for life’.


We recognise and appreciate the inherent worth and dignity of every individual, regardless of differences, and we foster an environment of inclusion, consideration, and understanding, to honour both people, and
the world we inhabit.


We cultivate kindness as a fundamental principle, teaching our students that simple acts of compassion and empathy can create a ripple effect of positivity, transforming the world one heart at a time.

Our International Baccalaureate Commitment

In line with the International Baccalaureate Mission Statement, Oakleigh Grammar values education that goes beyond academic development. The School encourages students to develop awareness beyond the individual and his or her immediate community.

Oakleigh Grammar Middle Years Programme international baccalaureate

Our Child Safety Commitment

Oakleigh Grammar is committed to the protection and safety of all students under our care. All staff and volunteers are required to
hold a Working with Children Check.