School Leadership

We purposefully create an environment to meet their needs from early childhood to emerging adolescence.

Stepping on the campus of Oakleigh Grammar, you enter an extraordinary place for children. It is a place where all of the energies from our Leadership Team are dedicated to helping children become their best selves.

Mark Robertson
Mr Mark Robertson
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Peter Dickinson Oakleigh Grammar
Mr Peter Dickinson
Deputy Principal –Student Wellbeing and Operations
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Lance Ryan Oakleigh Grammar
Mr Lance Ryan
Deputy Principal - Teaching & Learning
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Shelley Parkes Oakleigh Grammar
Mrs Shelley Parkes
Deputy Principal – Professional Culture and Junior School
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Tim Grandy Oakleigh Grammar
Mr Tim Grandy
Business Manager
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Nadia Feletti Head of Marketing Oakleigh Grammar
Ms Nadia Feletti
Head of Marketing
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Tepper, Jane
Mrs Jane Tepper
Head of Admissions
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