Student Leadership Positions

We encourage the student leaders at Oakleigh Grammar to be passionate about having a positive impact on the quality of student life and their environment, whilst making a difference in the community and addressing social justice issues.

We are proud that personal leadership is promoted and fostered at all levels of the School. Character and competency are given equal importance. Listening and responding to student voice is highly valued within Oakleigh Grammar.

Qualities such as integrity, resilience, tolerance, compassion and valuing diversity are developed and nurtured on a continuum from ELC to VCE.

Student Leaders

Oakleigh Grammar encourages the development of leadership in all students, who are expected to present themselves and the School to the wider community in the best possible way, and to be role models for younger students.

Aligned with our School Vision and Values, we recognise the importance of students contributing in a positive way to their own and other peoples’ lives within the Oakleigh Grammar community and beyond, and not just whilst they are students at our School. The focus of leadership is on doing rather than being, and the principle of servant leadership.

We believe that leadership is an important area for student learning. All students are encouraged to take on leadership positions within the school and wider community as we believe that every student has leadership potential and can demonstrate leadership in different ways. Leadership is not a responsibility confined to the ‘badge wearers’ and is shared by all students and staff. We believe that the three aspects of leadership for each person to consider are:

  • Leadership of self
  • Leadership of others
  • Leadership through service
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Senior School Leaders

Our leaders in the Senior School share responsibilities across the whole School. There are two School Captains and two Vice Captains who are selected by their peers. In addition, there are also a number of portfolio positions including Student Wellbeing roles and House Captains. In response to student led initiatives, other positions are created from time to time.

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Middle School Leaders

At a time when Middle School students are seeking to make connections with their peers and to the world around them, our leadership positions support them to achieve this. There are two Middle School Captains, House Captains and leaders of the three portfolios of Middle School Life & Culture, Student Wellbeing and Social Justice. All positions are voted in by their peers.

Leadership Oakleigh Grammar

Junior School Leaders

A special feature of leadership development at Oakleigh Grammar begins in the Early Years. The children follow the program “The Leader in Me” which is based on “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey. “The Leader in Me” program supports student development and facilitates leadership opportunities. In the Junior School, there are two School Captains, two Vice Captains, House Captains, Faith Leaders, and Social Justice Leaders. Throughout the year, there are many other opportunities for students to help lead activities and events. 

Leadership Oakleigh Grammar

Students’ Representative Council

Chaired by our School Vice Captains, the SRC includes home group and year level representatives from Years 6 to 12. The students work democratically to represent the student body in school decision-making and organise ways for students to participate in school life. Our SRC members are also great ambassadors of our School through their attendance and involvement in many community events. Throughout the year, there are many other opportunities for students to help lead activities and events. 

It is expected that all our leaders will lead according to the following attributes/principles:

Lead as you would like to be led

           Exemplify a passion for excellence

           Accountability, commitment and integrity

           Dare to be ALL you can be

           Serve the needs of others with humility