Annual Fees & Charges Instalments

Levies & Other Charges

The Composite Levy includes all school incidentals and excursions held during the school year.

Composite Levy

From 2023 Oakleigh Grammar will be dispensing with the Technology Levy and instead renaming it the Composite Levy. In response to parent feedback that indicated there are too many small charges on Fee Statements, the Composite Levy will include not only the technology levy amount but several smaller charges that previously were separately invoiced.

The Composite Levy will include the following items that were previously charged to parents individually:

Technology Levy; School Diary; Prep – Year 2 Mathletics and Reading Eggs;
Prep – Year 2 Numeracy Tool Kit; Years 2, 4 and 5 New Wave Mental Maths Student Book;
Years 3 – 5 Essential Assessment (Numeracy and Literacy); Years 3 – 5 Literacy Text Study; Years 3 – 5 CARS / STARS; Years 5 – 6 Mathspace; Years 6 -10 Pat Maths / Reading Assessments; Year six Combination locks; Years 7 -10 Mathspace; Year 10 Careers Levy; Year 12 Jacket; Swimming

The Composite Levy will not include items such as:

Camps, excursions, replacement combination locks and all extra-curricular activities. These excluded items will continue to be charged individually

New Families

New families commencing in 2023 and beyond will pay their fees in advance.

  • Term 1 – 14 February 2023
  • Term 2 – 4 April 2023
  • Term 3 – 6 June 2023
  • Term 4 – 5 September 2023
  • Term 1 (2024) – 9 December 2023
Additional Fees

Camps, certain excursions and some extra activities attract additional fees.

Additional Programs

International Student Total Fees:

Junior: Prep – Year 6 = $22,050
Middle/Senior: Year 7-12 = $32,680

Arrowsmith Program Total Fees:

$31,040 (including Arrowsmith Program fee, Homework Club and school fees)



4% discount on the current year’s tuition fees for students in Prep-Year 12, if the full amount of all fees owing is paid by 14 February 2023. This discount does not apply to those who have an outstanding debt to the School or students in the ELC.


The following discounts will be given to families with more than one child attending the School in the current year.

2nd child – 20%
3rd child or more – 30%

Sibling discount does not apply to students in the Early Learning Centre.

Payment Options

BPAY/Direct Deposit (Refer to the front of the statement for your BPAY details or direct deposit details.)
Cash, Cheque/Money Order (payable to Oakleigh Grammar).
EFTPOS, credit cards and direct credit deposit facilities are also available.
Direct Debit is available. Please ask at the School office for details.

Business Notice

Before signing the Enrolment Application form it is understood that you have read,
agreed and are willing to abide by the terms and conditions of the School’s Business notice, and any future amendments that will be advised to you as they occur.

Oakleigh Grammar’s Business Notice can be viewed here

Fees are due within 21 days of invoicing. If there are difficulties paying the fees on time then contact must be made with the Accounts Department to discuss the situation. The school can refuse to allow the pupil to continue his/her education while fees remain unpaid. All outstanding fees may be forwarded to the school’s debt collection agent. A fee of $100 per family per month will be charged if fees are not paid when they are due.

2023 Schedule of Fees

YEAR1st Instalment2nd Instalment3rd InstalmentFinal InstalmentTotal Tuition FeesComposite LevyLaptop LevyTOTAL Annual Fees
YEAR 1$2,400$2,400$2,400$2,400$9,600$630$10,230
YEAR 2$2,490$2,490$2,490$2,490$9,960$650$10,610
YEAR 3$2,640$2,640$2,640$2,640$10,560$610$11,170
YEAR 4$2,695$2,695$2,695$2,695$10,780$630$11,410
YEAR 5$2,730$2,730$2,730$2,730$10,920$650$455$12,025
YEAR 6$2,775$2,775$2,775$2,775$11,100$615$455$12,170
YEAR 7$2,800$2,800$2,800$2,800$11,200$520$455$12,175
YEAR 8$2,860$2,860$2,860$2,860$11,440$520$455$12,415
YEAR 9$2,895$2,895$2,895$2,895$11,580$520$12,100
YEAR 10$2,930$2,930$2,930$2,930$11,720$640$12,360
YEAR 11$3,030$3,030$3,030$3,030$12,120$440$12,560
YEAR 12$4,027$4,027$4,027$12,081$570$12,651

*Year 10 includes an additional Careers Levy.

2024 Early Learning Centre Fees

* Oakleigh Grammar is an approved provider under the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) scheme

ELC LevelDays / WeekAnnual Fees
Toddler Program (2yo)1$7,044
3 Year Old Kinder2$7,324
4 Year Old Kinder3$9,577