Happy Mother’s Day

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Our students have been busy creating the most adorable and thoughtful cards for the special women in their lives.

Read their ‘I Love You Pages’ below:


“Dear best Mummy ever,

I hope that you have the best Mother’s Day!

Thank you for always helping me with my work, thank you for always listening to me . Thank you for always being there for me and playing with me . Thank you for taking time off work to help me and Panayiota. You are amazing , beautiful, helpful, caring , kind , loving, lovely and creative. I LOVE YOU!!!!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖💕.YOU ARE A SUPER MUMMY. You are the best mummy ever!!!!!



“To my dearest Mum,

Thank you for the care and love.

You have always been by my side.

I love you to the moon and back!

I am the luckiest and most blessed person to have a mum like you.

Everything I needed to know, I have always learned from you.

You taught me that life is amazing!

You’re the greatest and will always be in my heart. 💖

You’re so kind, caring and thoughtful.

You can do and teach a lot of things but the thing you can do #1 is…


When I am sick you look after me

When I am alone and lonely you keep me company.

When I need help, you help me!!

No one would oh so ever do this for me!

Mum, you are so beautiful you deserve this wonderful day.

Happy Mother’s Day Mummy!!

Love Luke 3A”


“Dear Yiayia Eleni,

You are a good Yiayia and I love you very much.  I can’t wait to have a sleepover soon.  I miss going to the movies with you and going to the park with you to take Ricco for a walk. I love eating your yummy chicken soup.I wish you a happy Mother’s Day.

Love from,

Max 3A”


“Dear Mum,

I love you. I love how you watch Liv and Maddie with me. Today is your special day to shine. I love you Mum!

I love how you always care for me no matter what. I love it how you dance with me at night when Carol can see us. I love it how you come into my room before I go to sleep and kiss me goodnight. I love it when you watch me doing remote learning. I love it when we have a laugh together when it’s lunch, or dinner time.  🍱

The reasons that I love you is because; you always are there for me when I need help, or you’re just someone to help cheer me up, and you always do that perfectly. I love it when you make me laugh with funny words or actions. I love it when we play with Caroline before she goes to bed at night! Those are only a few things I love about you. I can go on forever!!!           😍

You help me with my Top Scope College homework when I need some help. You sometimes curl or do my hair for me. You talk to me when I need some good advice with something. You are strict on me so I can do the right thing, and I love that, even if it gets annoying sometimes. Lastly, but the most important thing is, that you LOVE me.


We go on adventures and holidays together. We sometimes have a laugh with the whole family, altogether. Rarely but still you sometimes take me to school on your car together. When my friends come over, you care for then as well as me, so they don’t get hurt. You take me to Luna park with my online bestie, and we have fun together. Those were the sacred times, and we will still have fun with each other for all of our lives.

Your heart is made of steel and it never breaks. That’s the thing I love about you most. I appreciate every little, single thing you do for me. It might not always show, but just remember that you are always deep down in my heart 💓 they say love doesn’t last forever, but with family, they’re always in your heart deep, down.


With Lots of LOVE 💕 Cecilia Li 3A”


“Dear Mum,

I’m writing this letter because I want to tell you all the things I love about you!

I want you to know that you’re the most wonderful person I know. You’re so helpful and caring to all our family. You’re always there for us if we get hurt or sick. You’re always there to listen to anything we have to say and make us laugh when we’re sad.

I love the way you comb my hair in the morning before I go to school and when you make my favourite dinner in the evening. I love our new habit during the quarantine of playing cards in the afternoon drinking tea, and the way you let me win! I also love our bedtime routine when we share our daily thoughts. I enjoy also our bike rides on sunny Sunday afternoons and when we watch our favourite movies eating popcorn on Sunday nights.

I love the way you do your make up and comb your hair when going out. I like that you have sooooo many friends and have fun together, and talk about so many things.

I always wanted and I still want to be like you when I’m older!

I love you so much!

You are my guardian angel!





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