Good Hygiene is in Your Hands

Hand Washing Oakleigh Grammar

We are washing and sanitising our hands more than ever, and these good hygiene practices are one of the best ways to protect yourself from Covid-19. Good hygiene is in your hands and that is why it is vital that both children and parents need to learn proper hand-washing techniques. So how do you know if you are washing your hands correctly?

Teaching your children to wash their hands properly though fun activities will both educate and entertain them. This can be achieved through singing songs such as “Happy Birthday” whilst washing their hands, drawing and making visual aids, or even using glitter as a way of demonstrating how easily germs can be spread.

However, if you aren’t into getting glitter all around the house, GlitterBug is the “ultimate” training kit to educate your children on the best ways of wash and sanitise their hands. GlitterBug uses a light responsive lotion or gel with a UV light to create a visual and educational aid for users. Watch below how our Principal, Mark Robertson and Head of Junior School Physical Education, Caroline Leach demonstrate how to use these effective kits.

GlitterBug Gel
Not only is important to wash your hands properly, it is also essential to learn good hand sanitising techniques. GlitterBug Gel is for teaching good hand sanitising use.

You do this by 2 simple steps:

  1. Squirt some on your hands and rub it in
    2. Use the UV light to reveal where you have sanitised. The fluorescent glow identifies where has been effectively covered.

GlitterBug Potion
GlitterBug Potion is for teaching good hand washing techniques by showing children the parts of their hands that are not being washed properly with their current technique.

You do this by 3 simple steps:

  1. Squirt some on your hands and rub it in
    2. Wash your hands and dry your hands
    3. Use the UV light to reveal where you have missed and remaining lotion will glow in a fluorescent blue light, highlighting the areas that need more focus.


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