The Power of Words – Rice and Words

Rice And Words

This term, in Year Eight Orthodox Studies, we have been focusing on the power of words and just how strong they can be; transcending time, space and place and echoing into eternity. This study has been framed by Jesus last words on the Cross.

In order to better understand the meaning of words but also the power of Jesus’ words on the Cross, we recently conducted the eye-opening and profound rice experiment, which left us completely astounded and lost for words after waiting several weeks for the results. This experiment was based on work by Dr Masaru, a Japanese Scientist who has done work observing how water crystalises when exposed to positive and negative thoughts. As rice is boiled in the water this can be replicated this way.

We originally started this experiment by boiling rice in one bowl and separating it into three equal amounts of rice, placing it in three jars of the same volume, size and shape. In this way, all variables in the experiment were the same, as they would be in any other science experiment.

With the first jar of rice, we placed it to the side and paid no attention to it; we completely ignored it and acted as though it didn’t exist. After weeks had passed, the rice had maintained its initial form but mould had built up upon it. This truly depicted how internally and externally detrimental and soul damaging it can be to treat one in this way.

Then came the second jar, we cursed at it, slandered it and through nasty and malicious comments towards it, by the end of the waiting period, it had decayed and mould had formed all over, the rice was discoloured. Its beauty was no longer evident and it had turned black and was disfigured due to the scarring comments thrown at it. Accordingly, these results only went to prove that when we oppose God’s word and do as His enemy would do, we only hurt another and cause harm to our world.

Last of all came the third jar, we spoke politely to it, complimenting and uplifting its natural form and showing wholehearted appreciation towards it, speaking only words of kindness, love and compassion from the tips of our tongues. God is our witness, after weeks passed the rice on the receiving end of words of kindness remained in a healthy condition, maintaining its beautiful and glistening white colour, without a speck of mould, this was inspiring and the results stunned us all, words can’t even describe just how shocking and enlightening this was! Hence, it went to prove that when we act in the likeliness of God and treat people, who have all been created in the image of God, with nothing but love, respect, kindness, empathy and compassion, we allow everyone to be and feel healthy, spiritually free and loved.

On the contrary, when we ignore or disrespect another and throw detrimental and uncharitable comments toward others, we only leave a stain on their hearts and on our own and do no good. We pollute the environment and many souls and disregard Christ in His word and teachings to us.

Ultimately, this experiment was really meaningful and truly opened up my eyes, and the eyes of us all, to the power of words and what we are capable of doing to another.

I leave you with this, love and kindness are key and absolutely essential. Do as God does, not as the enemy portrays!


Written by Melissa L, 8B

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