The Importance of Student Voice

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Student Voice – I have always had a strong belief in the importance of student voice, and empowering our students to lead change through action. These views were strongly reinforced recently when I had the opportunity to share in a workshop run by the CSE Leading Education Circle with a globally recognised advocate and pioneer, Dr Russell Quaglia.

When students have a voice they are

  •  3 x more likely to have self-worth
  •  5 x more likely to be engaged in learning
  •  5 x more likely to experience purpose in school and, of course, all of the above enhance academic motivation

Whilst there are different definitions of student voice, Russell’s resonated with me due to it being underpinned by genuine trust and respect, awareness of the whole over one individual, and action over words.

  • Sharing, ideas and opinions that are genuine and underpinned by trust and respect
  • Offering realistic suggestions and expectations for the good of the whole
  • Accepting responsibility for not only what you say but what needs to be done

Our students do have a lot to teach us!

Peter Dickinson, Deputy Principal – Operations



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