Summer Holiday Program – Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm


During the course of the day the children were able to enter the farm. We looked at the weather and it was absolutely wonderful, however the wet had made it a little slippery, this made it a great day to wear special booties. The children thought this was very funny and loved the idea of walking through the mud with their blue feet.

We were given empty containers to collect the yummiest strawberries. We needed to pick the very best ones, the ones as red as Rudolph’s nose. After collecting, lots of beautiful weather, socialising, walking and lunch we headed back to school for some strawberry art and craft experiences. The children toughly enjoyed themselves, and I’m sure our families will enjoy the juicy ripe strawberries that were picked today.

Christopher- My daddy said we were going to pick onions, I said we were going to pick strawberries. It was so fun.

Ellie- There was so many strawberries and they were so big. They were everywhere and in so many rows.

Marilyn- We put them into a box and I put the lid on.

Noah- Look there is so many in there. Mine are all red.

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