New Findings for the Arrowsmith Program

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As many of you are aware, a recent event took place in NYC that brought three leading academics to share their current research projects which are examining various aspects of the Arrowsmith Program. As many of you have already witnessed in your own role in the Arrowsmith Program within your educational setting, whether only over the last few months or last several years, the Arrowsmith Program has a profound impact on the students, their families, and even the instructors and administrators of the Arrowsmith Program.

We are grateful for your continued dedication to your students; because of your commitment to bring innovation, compassion and cognitive enhancement the School, your Arrowsmith Program students are living proof that neuroplasticity plays a crucial role in reaching one’s potential.

In 1977, Barbara Arrowsmith-Young, founder of the Arrowsmith Program, hypothesized that targeted cognitive exercises could change the brain and the resultant change would improve an individual’s ability to learn.

On February 21st in front of a live audience in New York City, as well as a live broadcast watched by people around the world, three distinguished researchers substantiated this hypothesis. Drs Greg Rose, Lara Boyd and Rachel Weber presented comprehensive findings that confirmed the Arrowsmith Program is changing students’ fundamental capacity to learn. This is neuroplasticity in action.

The research findings reveal significant and positive changes in the abilities of the Arrowsmith Program students, including meaningful changes in cognition, academic achievement and social/emotional behaviours. For a detailed summary of these results, please visit the following link: Research Presentation Summary


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