Calling All Alumni!

Welcome Back (3)

For the last 37 years, Oakleigh Grammar has welcomed a colourful array of students through its halls and classrooms. What was once a small Independent College catering to the Greek Community of Oakleigh, has now grown in to large culturally diverse Grammar School, underpinned by its Christian Orthodox faith.

A testament to our growth is now seeing our second and even third generation of families now entering our School, as eager and passionate to learn like their parents and grandparents before them. What this highlights, now more than ever, is the importance of our ever evolving and successful Oakleigh Grammar Alumni, and there has truly been some great successes.

Oakleigh Grammar is currently undertaking research into our Alumni, and what we have already been able to uncover, has been truly amazing. For this once small School, has now grown to help shape some exceptional doctors, lawyers, engineers, researchers, business owners, & CEO’s of the world today.

Over the coming weeks, we will be highlighting some of these amazing past students to showcase to our Community, and to present what it means to be part of our Oakleigh Grammar Alumni, because to be apart of our Alumni, is to truly be in great company.

The hope is that we can grow this platform into a space to connect, reminisce and engage with past and present students through various mediums and events.

If you know anyone who would like to join our Oakleigh Grammar Alumni or would like to submit an alumni story /profile to our Alumni News. Please email


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