MYP Shines at Oakleigh Grammar


This week Oakleigh Grammar begins the process of our first five-year evaluation of the IB MYP programme. The IB evaluation team will develop a report based on their visit, ensuring that the standards and practices of the MYP programmes are being maintained. They will use this time to speak to members of our Community to learn about their experiences with teaching or implementing the MYP in our School. Questions will be related to our students personal projects, language acquisition phases, services learning opportunities at our School and more.

The programme evaluation team is aware that the implementation of an IB programme is a journey, and that each school will meet these standards and practices to varying degrees along the way. As a school, we have embraced our MYP programme and have made a strong commitment to meeting the programme requirements. We are excited to learn about the outcome of our evaluation report to get started on our MYP action plan. We will continue to strive for improvement of the quality of the programme.

We wish to thank our MYP Coordinator Mrs Melissa Fitzgerald, Deputy Principal of Teaching and Learning Mr Lance Ryan, the Executive Leadership Team, the Board of Management as well as all staff, students and parents who have participated in the evaluation review process.

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