School Captains Speak for the Next Generation

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School Captains, Vasiliki Tamvakis and William Athanaskis represented our School this week in an incredibly thought provoking educational project, which saw 160 captains from all over Melbourne participate in conversations on how this generation will change our world. Written below is the Oakleigh Grammar contribution, one that we can certainly be proud of. Well done and congratulations to Vas and William!

What difference can your generation make to the world?

Throughout history, we have evolved; learning from the mistakes of our predecessors; seeking to continuously change for the betterment of our world. We have seen the developments of modern medicine, the creation of the internet and the birth of air travel; all of which have revolutionised civilisation. Yet, we still strive for change, constantly longing for and seeking it, in the hope that through our endeavours, we may make the world a better place.

Despite overcoming a substantial amount of issues in the past, there are still many significant concerns that are prominent in our present-day society. Our obstacles and challenges lie in ignorance, not of the truth, but of other perspectives. We have become so invested in working against each other when as a united, global force we could be doing so much more.

Through the utilisation of the technology available to us, we can communicate with others, share ideas and listen to theirs, seeking first to understand than to be understood. It is only through understanding that we can truly overcome the divisions that exist between us and grow. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. INFORMATION IS LIBERATING.

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