Sarah Boardman takes up new opportunity

Sarah Boardman

I wish to advise of the resignation of Ms Sarah Boardman from the position of ELC Manager effective 15 April 2022. I congratulate Sarah on her appointment as ELC Manager at Lauriston Girls’ School following seven years of outstanding contribution to the development and culture of the Oakleigh Grammar Early Learning Centre.

My gratitude to Sarah for her leadership and commitment to best practice in early childhood education and prioritising the welfare of each child under her care, is matched only by my pride as she led our ELC to achieve the top rating in early childhood education of ‘Exceeding’ status in consecutive years.

Whilst it is all too easy to feel sad about a valued staff member moving on, I choose to see this as a positive. Just as we aim to develop our students to be capable, successful adults in the world beyond schooling, I take solace in the knowledge that we provide a supportive and nurturing environment that allows staff to develop and hone their craft to a point where new challenges are sought outside the walls of Oakleigh Grammar. It also pleases me to know that Sarah’s vacancy will provide a new opportunity for another person to grow and develop their leadership skills.

We have commenced a thorough recruitment process for a new ELC Manager and with the support of our Head of Junior School, Mrs Shelley Parkes, we will ensure the best possible appointment will be made for this important leadership position at Oakleigh Grammar.

Mark Robertson, Principal

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