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Year 9 student Georgianna has been no stranger to achievement throughout her time at Oakleigh Grammar. Georgianna was elected a 2020 House Captain, has an outstanding academic history and this year beat the School record with a 35.95 time for under 14 girls backstroke, leading to a state medal. This achievement has consolidated Georgianna as a triple threat across academic, sporting and community success at Oakleigh Grammar.

Georgianna’s preparation for the record-breaking time is not surprising and has taken years of preparation; swimming since the age of one, competing since age seven and still swimming with the Huntingtower swimming club now. Georgianna’s hard work has most certainly paid off to accomplish the 35.95 swimming record at Oakleigh Grammar, which she achieved early this year, however unfortunately due to COVID-19 the medal was withheld during lockdown.

The most surprising aspect of all of this, is even with the year that has been in 2020, Georgianna is still keen to beat her time in 2021 and also hopefully make it to nationals, which we are sure she will achieve.

As stated by Mr Schuwalow, Head of Sport at Oakleigh Grammar, “Georgianna, had an absolutely standout performance to secure her gold medal record for the School, and culminating in an outstanding state medal achievement, we couldn’t be happier.” As a School Community we couldn’t agree more with Mr Schuwalow.

Great job Georgianna and we can’t wait to see all that you will achieve next year, when you are back in the pool.

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