Hands on Science in the Junior School

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Science Week in the Junior School has been celebrated with Hands On Science, running incursions in each year level. The students have been fully immersed in inquiry and discovery, as they were scientists for the day.

Theme: Chemical Sciences
Prep – Bubble Chemistry
Students investigated different ways to make bubbles and observed their special properties. They studied how bubbles interact with light and worked out how to predict the exact moment they will pop.


Theme: Earth and Space Sciences
Year 1 – Weather
Students studied how the weather works. They explored the movement of water and air in relation to the sun and Earth. They investigated changes in the sky and landscape.


Year 2 – Water as a Resource
Students investigated how water is used and moved by people and nature. They studied the unique properties of water, and understood its importance to life on Earth.


Year 3 – Earth, Moon & Sun
Students explored relationships between the Earth, moon and sun. They used models to investigate changes caused by the movement of the Earth and moon, including seasons and eclipses.


Year 5 – Earth in Space
Students investigated the forces involved around Earth and the Solar System. They gained an awareness of forces, heat, light, atmosphere, movement and position.


Theme: Science as a Human Endeavour
Year 4 – Inventions: Sustainability
Students developed an understanding of how inventions and discoveries have affected the environment. They explored alternative uses for waste materials. The work here is a great pre-cursor to the real-world problem-solving students are exposed to in the Makerspace.


Scientists ask questions, and then investigate to find answers. Look what we found out!

Maggie – Bubbles are round, clear balls that pop in the sky.
Orlando – Bubbles are made out of soap.
Xavier – Bubbles can be made out of mud. They go higher and higher.
Christian – If you run with it, you make big bubbles because you can trap air.
Christina – The planets need to rotate around the sun, because if they stop moving the sun will suck them in.
Nathan – In space you can’t write with a pen because the ink goes the wrong direction. They use pencils.
Vasia – Some plastic products are sustainable because I can reuse them.
Moneet – Most things can be reused before they are recycled.

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