Advice for Students Starting Year 12

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After orientation today, next week will start the 2021 school year for Year 12s. This will be an emotional time for both parents and students, as it is the final first day of school these students will experience. This is a significant year which means there is likely to be a lot of pressure, so how can you do your best and get through the year?

Year 12 is a challenge but there are many ways to thrive, particularly if you start it on the right foot. We’ve gathered tips and advice on how our students can prepare for the year and flourish in their final year of school.

Be organised

Organisation is the key to success in Year 12. Start the year by adding all key dates and deadlines in your diary. Add study reminders using post-it notes or online reminder tools to keep on track of what subjects to study and when. Getting organised early will help you stay on top of your Year 12 workload and not leave things to the last minute. By being organised and making study a priority, it will become a habit and not a chore.


Keep healthy

Make time for regular exercise, eating healthily, getting the right amount of sleep, and checking in with yourself and your friends. You have probably heard your parents and teachers say these things to you many times but they truly do matter. By being healthy physically and mentally, you will become more resilient and be able to take on Year 12 head on. Remember to take care of yourself because a healthy you = healthy grades.


Plan ahead for life after school

If you haven’t started thinking about life after school, then it is time to do so. If you still aren’t sure about the career and pathways you want to take, organise an appointment with our Careers Counsellor, Michelle Mascaro. There are several options out there, and it is important to discuss all possible outcomes and Plan B’s so you are not left in the dark about what you want to do.


Reward yourself

Have an activity away from studying to take time for yourself and reward small and big achievements. After completing a task, do something fun, whatever that might be for you. Whether that be seeing friends, playing sport, dancing, making art, or even cooking. Having an outlet to ensure a work- life balance is important in Year 12 and beyond.


Remember that you’re not alone

Year 12 may be a stressful year of study but is also one of the best years of your life. Remember that all your friends are going through the exact same thing you are. This is the year to make many memories together, be there for each other and build stronger bonds with each other. Don’t forget that your family, friends and teachers are all there for you so don’t feel silly asking for help. Our School Counsellor, Fiona Baudinette, is always there for a chat if you need.

To our Year 12 students, all our well wishes are with you in 2021 and the best of luck in finishing your final year of school!

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