25 Years of Service at Oakleigh Grammar

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Yesterday, Oakleigh Grammar held its annual Term 3 Commencement Assembly. An event where our students and staff celebrate the introduction of the Semester Two school year,  a time that can be equal parts challenging, fast-paced and rewarding.

The assembly concluded with presentations for some of our outstanding students, but also made notable mention to our long-serving staff. As our Deputy Principal, Mr Ryan made note, ” Collectively our awarded staff had a combined 120 year tenure.” That is 120 years of dedication and experience, in the growth and development of our students.

A highlight of our staff service awards, and one that was received with loud cheers from our students, was the impressive 25 years of service awarded to Mr Steve Zafiropoulos. This is a huge achievement for not only Mr Zaf, as our students affectionately call him, but a huge achievement for our School.

A Huge congratulations goes out to Mr Zaf, we thank you for all that you have done for Oakleigh Grammar over the last 25 years.

Please see Mr Steve Zafiropoulos full speech to the assembly below:

“Welcome back to Term 3

Wow, it’s been 26 years, I cannot believe the time has passed this quickly.

I know our Patron Saints have given me their guidance over the years and helped me through.

I know I speak on behalf of the other staff here, when I say that OG is my second home.

There is no doubt that this school is UNIQUE, a community and one big family.

There is such a strong sense of ethos and sense of belonging here.

What really stands out though for me is that feeling of ‘making a difference’ to you, our students.

You are the pinnacle of the School, without you, there is no Oakleigh Grammar.

There are many highlights that I have been blessed with over the years and I share some of these with you:


  1. My role over the years in wellbeing, and coordinating the many cohorts of Year 12 students.
  1. Establishing rapport/connection with students and staff.
  1. National Schools Event games, travelling interstate and all the enjoyment involved with that event.
  1. Winning EISM premierships with the Senior girls and boys Soccer and Futsal teams. (I know that Mr Joyce was always happy putting those pennants up  in the gym.)
  1. Satisfaction of seeing our former students doing really well in their lives


There is no doubt that Oakleigh Grammar, under the guidance of Principal, Mr Robertson, is going from strength to strength as the years go by.

I would like to thank Mr Robertson for providing me with this opportunity to speak today.

God bless and have a great term!”


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