Serving up a feast of flavours and community connections

Welcome to “The Caf,” the heart of our school’s culinary experience!

Here, we serve not just meals but a delightful blend of flavours and community. Our cafeteria is a vibrant hub where students and staff come together to enjoy delicious, nutritious meals in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Since its opening in February 2024, The Caf has quickly become a beloved space for students to enjoy some chatter, lunch and even some study time.

How to place a lunch order
  • Please use a paper bag that is large enough to contain the item that you are ordering. No envelopes!
  • Clearly write the NAME and GRADE of your child at the top of the bag.
  • Consult the canteen lunch order menu and list the items you wish to order.
  • Place the correct money inside the paper bag.
  • Your child places the paper bag in the “lunch order box” which is found in their classroom.
  • The “lunch order box” is delivered to the canteen and the order is prepared.
  • The “lunch order box” is collected from the canteen at lunchtime and taken back to the classroom.
  • The teacher distributes all the items to the children.

We look forward to preparing lunch for your child.

Thank you!

Hari – Canteen manager