Cognitive Enhancement Education in Melbourne, Australia

Oakleigh Grammar has offered its Cognitive Enhancement Education powered by the Arrowsmith Program since 2016, and is the largest Arrowsmith provider in the southern hemisphere.
Senior School
Our Cognitive Enhancement Education (CEE) offers a suite of cognitive exercises based on the principles of neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to change), to address learning difficulties and fully integrate students back into mainstream classrooms.
Powered by the Arrowsmith Program, it has assisted thousands of students with learning difficulties. Cognitive Enhancement Education strengthens underlying weak cognitive capacities, enabling students to become more effective, confident and self-directed lifelong learners.
We firmly believe that all students can thrive in their learning, evident in the improvements students have gained with this world-leading program.

Unlike many other learning difficulty programs, the Arrowsmith Program focuses on the whole brain rather than an isolated area, and addresses the root cause of a learning difficulty

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Discover our program for yourself

To find out if our Cognitive Enhancement Education, powered by the Arrowsmith Program can assist your child, please contact us via this form to discuss your child’s learning needs and suitability. Alternatively, you can reach us on (03) 8554 0014.

Cognitive Enhancement Education at Oakleigh Grammar

Cognitive Enhancement Education classes are small with approximately 10 students per teacher and assistant, supported by the Head of Arrowsmith and support teachers. All are Arrowsmith trained and specialists in the field of learning difficulties. Most students complete four cognitive exercises per day and two mainstream classes of their choice.


Parent sessions are conducted early each year to allow parents to experience their child’s Arrowsmith cognitive exercises. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to teach their parents, and demonstrate what they do each day at school. Many parents cannot believe just how difficult the exercises are, boosting their child’s sense of achievement.


Parent information evenings are held at the beginning of each year. This is an opportunity to learn about the program, meet other families, and ask questions.


Parent/teacher interviews are held twice yearly to discuss your child’s progress. Teachers also communicate with parents regularly throughout the year.


Upon completion, all students receive individualised pathway planning for transition to mainstream classes, further education, or work with the assistance of the Head of Arrowsmith, Head of School, and Careers Advisor.
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Improving Cognitive Capacity for a Better Future

Students and teachers form close bonds throughout the year, reflecting the strong family atmosphere of our classrooms. Our Cognitive Enhancement Education addresses underlying difficulties in a broad range of learning differences.
  • Dyslexia
  • Dyscalculia
  • Dysgraphia
  • Auditory Processing Disorder
  • Short/Long term Visual Memory
  • Working Memory
Our Cognitive Enhancement Education is powered by the highly successful Arrowsmith program which also addresses difficulties in many other areas. To learn more, complete the form below to receive the Arrowsmith Program brochure.


"Arrowsmith has been a game changer for our son, who in Year 8 was struggling to stay in school let alone thrive. He started halfway through Year 8 and is finishing up at the end of Year 9. The transformation in terms of self-esteem, resilience and personal development have been amazing. The excitement he has felt with every accomplishment and mastery has been wonderful to watch. We are very confident come next year in Year 10 he will begin his new journey with confidence. This time 2 years ago we weren’t even sure we’d be able to keep him in school till Year 10 and here we are, it’s been amazing. We can’t recommend the Arrowsmith Program more highly."


“I wanted to share with you that Flynn got offered a spot next year at a Technical College for Years 10 to 12. I am over the moon with excitement for him… The teacher interviewing said he stood out as a more unique application having moved from his local school to attend the Arrowsmith program to work on the cognitive areas, then returning to his local school… This is such a relief I finally feel the work that has been done has paid off to point Flynn on his journey to success. A big thank you again. Without the support, personal development and learnings he got from Arrowsmith at Oakleigh Grammar there is no way we would have this opportunity.“


“It was so lovely to speak with you and to discuss Zoe’s progress both within the Arrowsmith program but also her general growth on a day-to-day basis. David and I have witnessed what can only be described as a monumental shift in her confidence, and also with her reading and attitude in general. Last week, for the very first time, Zoe indicated that she was ready to embark upon reading a short novel, one of the Billie B Brown series, and for the very first time has finished this book and read it clearly with about 85-90% accuracy. To say that we could hardly believe what we were hearing was an understatement – we are both just so proud of her achievements to date but equally just so grateful for the help, support and guidance that this program is providing her to achieve her goals. She is both happy and confident and is truly enjoying achieving goals within this program which is spurring her on to continue striving for success. We want to sincerely thank you and the team for all that you are doing to assist her but equally we want to thank you for making her feel so secure in her learning environment.”



1. What is Cognitive Enhancement Education?

Our Cognitive Enhancement Education, powered by the Arrowsmith Program, harnesses the principles of neuroplasticity through the application of targeted cognitive exercises to overcome specific learning difficulties. The premise of the Arrowsmith program is that the weaker cognitive functions which contribute to learning difficulties can be strengthened through targeted cognitive exercises, resulting in increased mental capacities and strengthened learning abilities.

2. Who is Cognitive Enhancement Education suitable for?

Students from Years 6 to 12 with:

  • Average or above-average intelligence
  • A combination of learning difficulties

Note: These are guidelines only. Applicants will require further assessment to ensure their suitability for the program.

3. Who is Cognitive Enhancement Education unsuitable for?

  • Students with severe intellectual, cognitive, emotional or behavioural disorders that would significantly affect their ability to participate in the Arrowsmith Program.
  • Students with an acquired a brain injury or who have an autism spectrum disorder.

4. What is the goal of Cognitive Enhancement Education?

Our Cognitive Enhancement Education is capacity-based, in that its goal is to change the cognitive capacity of the student to learn (rather than compensatory, which tries to work around the problem). Strengthening weaker capacities increases the overall functioning of these specific cognitive areas, allowing them to be used more effectively for learning.

5. Where is our Cognitive Enhancement Education Delivered?

Cognitive Enhancement Education is delivered on-campus at Oakleigh Grammar, in Melbourne’s South-East. Our school is a co-educational mainstream independent school catering for students from our Early Learning Centre through to Year 12.

6. How much does Cognitive Enhancement Education cost?

$31,040 (including Arrowsmith Program fee, and School fees).