The Leader in Me

Leadership development is given priority at Oakleigh Grammar. Students are educated to recognise their own unique talents, leadership potential and are encouraged at all times to strive for their personal best.

Our Leader in Me process, based on Dr Stephen Covey’s ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, supports this focus in Junior School. The Middle and Senior School then embrace the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens to develop a common language and key leadership tools. Students are given leadership opportunities in the classroom, the arts, the sporting arena and in formal leadership roles.

We recognise the importance of teaching our young people essential life skills and qualities needed to succeed as leaders in the 21st Century and contribute to their families, school and broader community.

Students are encouraged to explore the meaning of personal leadership, make appropriate choices and learn how to speak with confidence and act with integrity. They learn the importance of taking responsibility for choices, planning, prioritising, valuing relationships, listening empathically and having a balance between their work and leisure.

Formal Leadership positions recognise the importance of service above self and include:

  • School Leaders
  • Environmental Leaders
  • Sport Leaders
  • Art Leaders
  • Peer Mediation Leaders
  • SRC Leaders

We are proud that personal leadership is promoted and fostered at all levels of the School. Character and competency are given equal importance. Qualities such as integrity, resilience, tolerance, compassion and valuing diversity are developed and nurtured on a continuum from ELC to VCE.

The 7 Habits: