Careers Guidance

The Careers Centre is a well-equipped space within the Library where students can use hard copy and electronic resources to investigate career information.

In the Middle and Senior years, students are given many opportunities to explore possible future careers and the world of work. This includes attending Career and Tertiary Education exhibitions across Melbourne, the Year 10 Work Experience program and regular consultations with the School Careers Advisor.

Throughout each student’s learning journey a Portfolio is maintained. Achievements and Awards as well as skills related to development are recorded. Part-time jobs are included and students build a resume of achievements. Where accreditation for part-time work is available, students are assisted to gain it.

Careers Counselling is available for students as they proceed into the Senior School. This can be one-on-one or in-class sessions. All students have a meeting with the Careers Advisor before entering VCE.

At the times of subject selection, parents and students are advised and supported to ensure that appropriate choices are made and that pre-requisites are undertaken. The School provides information for parents about VCE processes.

Students are encouraged to attend Open Days at Universities and other Tertiary institutions.

Regular updates on Career exhibitions and other relevant information appears in the School’s fortnightly newsletter, Grammar News.