Principal’s Message

Principal Photo 2014

I warmly welcome you to our wonderful school, Oakleigh Grammar– a school that wholeheartedly embraces its students into a very unique, internationally-minded learning community. In fact, parents often remark that the young people at our school are more like members of an extended family such is the individual care and attention they receive. We are confident that we provide a truly welcoming environment with opportunities for all students to achieve their personal best.

At Oakleigh Grammar, we value each and every student. We offer a genuine commitment to ensure your child will be engaged through a range of contemporary learning programs. There is truly something for everyone and every effort is made to encourage student participation in activities and programs that are both authentic and meaningful. Oakleigh Grammar is rapidly becoming a school with an international focus including regular acknowledgment and exploration of cultural diversity through various aspects of daily life at the school. We believe that supporting internationalism at our school is not only a true representation of Melbourne’s diverse multiculturalism but a critical mindset for our young people to absorb as they move into a rapidly changing internationally-minded society.

Our programs are becoming increasingly respected among the independent schooling community as we continue to build upon the success of our offering of the acclaimed International Baccalaureate Organisation’s Middle Years Program. We are not a complacent school – our programs are a constant focus! This innovative and highly regarded program places our school in a unique and privileged position where we are able to deliver to our students a framework to explore their learning in an authentic and global context. We are also very excited to have launched our own, tailored 9Ways program at Year 9 level this year, striving to provide our students with a rigorous yet purposefully experiential learning experience.

Supporting our philosophy and values of inclusivity and acceptance of diversity, we also offer the acclaimed Arrowsmith Program. This is a unique, cognitive strengthening program that assists our students with various learning difficulties.

Along with the respected Reggio Emilia philosophy permeating learning in our Early Learning Centre for our youngest students, we are mindful of the desire to capture our students’ imagination and interest in their learning. We also explicitly teach the highly respected “The Leader in Me” leadership program, throughout the Junior and Middle School allowing each and every student the opportunity to develop critical leadership behaviours along with the opportunity to explore themselves as leaders in an encouraging and supportive environment. Notably, our smaller class sizes in the Senior Years provide our older students with an excellent opportunity to explore and consolidate their learning with excellent teacher support and we were very proud to report sound academic results for our VCE cohort in 2016.

I extend a warm invitation to you to not only explore our web page a little further but to come and visit us and discover what an Oakleigh Grammar education can provide for your child. As you move around Oakleigh Grammar, I am sure that you’ll be delighted by the palpable sense of optimism and joy that is evident within the walls of our school. We are a school with a strong and tailored suite of contemporary and proven programs. Together with our caring and committed staff, I wholeheartedly welcome you to Oakleigh Grammar!

Mark Robertson