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Principal's Blog

09 June 2015

Experiential Learning

The 9Ways Centre at Oakleigh Grammar was developed to cater for a particular phase of Schooling in line with the developmental needs of students entering that  phase in the Middle Years.  9Ways has nine foci which represent specific experiences outside the regular class-room. The benefits of Learning experiences outside the traditional classrooms cannot be underestimated.

As a school Leader, I have on the whole supported overseas family holidays [ unless the students are in their final two years  prior to graduation] as the learning benefit of those family experiences often outweigh the negatives in terms of 'in - school' learning experiences forgone.  Sometimes there is a frustration by some staff over missed scheduled classes but the reality is that experiences outside of the classroom can and often  does have a lasting impact on students lives.

Purposeful experiential learning is clearly in the best interests of young people - where there is a clear learning objective with knowledge that  the 'hands on' and the 'sensory' experience has huge impact.

I applaud those School Leaders who see beyond the inconvenience of missed scheduled classes and who have policies in place that actually support our students and their families in experiencing the world through 'doing' 'visiting' 'touching' 'hearing' 'smelling' and these Leaders know that these sensory experiences will ultimately develop that child in a positive manner.

I now look forward to wishing our Year 11 students a wonderful time at their  impending snow - skiing trip to New Zealand and in true fashion of Leadership modelling - I will be enjoying my family's next venture during the School Holiday period in Vietnam and Cambodia [ focussing on an expected highlight which will be experiential learning in a cooking School in Hoi An ].

Mark Robertson



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