Year 7 Water Expo

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Our Year 7 students were tasked with researching a particular area of water crisis within Australia, as part of their Middle Years Programme Interdisciplinary Unit – Geography. Through brainstorming and problem solving, they had to present their final conclusions to be reviewed by their peers at the Water Expo. Students presented their theories in a myriad of creative ways (posters, diagrams, PowerPoints, Minecraft, models and more), finding the approach that would best translate their knowledge from their brain to their audience.

Students were marked against the following criteria:

  • How well they explained the issue
  • How well they explained the management of said issue
  • What solutions were presented
  • The presentation style used to convey their information
  • How engaging their presentation was
  • Suggestions on how to best improve their presentation for next time

Mr Dickinson, Mrs Varsos and Mr Prakash were incredibly impressed with the results; take a look at some of the examples below:




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