Year 7 Pastoral Program


An integral part of the Year 7 Pastoral Program this Semester has been the Service as Action – Community Project.

Inspired by the lives of our Patron Saints Kosmas and Damian who freely served the needs of others, this project aimed to assist students identify their unique skills and talents and how these could be used to support members of the community.

Despite the restrictions and challenges presented during remote learning, our students truly shined and realised that it is the small acts that we do that generate positive change within our community. The work of our students has been remarkable, inspiring and heart warming.

This year the Community Expo is presented online. With the support of Pastoral Staff, a webpage has been created for every student’s project. I wish to take this opportunity to acknowledge the support and efforts of all the Pastoral Teachers and importantly the efforts of our students. We look forward to celebrating the personal growth of our students and their desire to provide assistance to others in the community. It is truly a privileged to lead a group of young people like this.

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