Year 7 Drama – Rockstar Live Performances

Img 3266

The Rockstar Live unit was the Year 7 summative assessment task in Term 4, where students were required to find a clip of one of their favourite singers, and recreate their performances in the drama space. The students were required to not only recreate the singers costumes and makeup, but also to learn the lyrics, gestures, dance moves and energy.

In this exercise the students found a new level of confidence and support from their peers. With a room full of anxious and quiet students at the start of the lesson, by the end of the concert, the students were beaming, engaged and excited. More importantly, feeling a new level of respect and friendship for their peers, and themselves.

The concert entailed Destiny’s Child, Nsync, Rhianna and Eminem to name a few. It was a sell-out performance!

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