Year 12 Message from the Principal


Dear Year 12 Students

As you know Oakleigh Grammar teachers and support staff are working very hard to support and guide you through  the remainder of your final year.  Mrs. Frame, in particular,  is working very  hard every day to ensure your best interests are at the fore.

We understand that you may have anxiety about the remainder of this year and the impact of the Coronavirus on your future.   Our School Counsellor, Mrs. Fiona Baudinette is always available to confidentially chat with you and support you emotionally at this time.  Our Careers Counsellor, Mrs. Mascaro is also on hand to support you in your career pathways.  Your year convenor, Mr. Phillips is also a great confidante for you  as is any teacher you connect well with to discuss any issues you have on your mind during this challenging time in our School academic year.

A letter from Mr. Merlino (click here to see letter)– the Victorian Education Minister and he has a video message for  Schools which  you may wish to listen to by clicking the link below.

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority  [VCAA] does understand the uniqueness of your final year and is doing what it can to re-assure you that the challenge of this year for all Year 12 students will be taken into account when ATAR scores are being determined.  I trust this will lead to greater opportunities than perhaps would be the case in a regular year.

My clear advice to you is to continue to work hard [ effort ] and to work with and seek support from your teachers.

We all miss your presence on Campus and we look forward to you returning to your School at some stage next term – god willing at the start of next term; contingent on the status of Community spread of the Virus at that time.


Keep Well and Keep Safe.


Mr. Robertson

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