The Arrowsmith Difference

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Here at Oakleigh Grammar’s Arrowsmith Program, we are preparing students for an uncertain world, where we can’t predict the types of jobs or skills that may be required.

How do we do this?

The answer – teach our students to become lifelong learners.

There are 16 skills students require that are necessary for lifelong learning.

How do we ensure our students are equipped for a complex and ever-changing reality?

Our brain is a key asset, it filters our perceptions and understanding of ourselves, of others, of our world, and our relationship to the world. Every student should have the right to develop and enhance this asset.

“My vision is that cognitive programs based on neuroscience research be integrated into all educational systems – starting in elementary school up through university.” – Barbara Arrowsmith-Young

Read more about what the Arrowsmith program does here


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