Staying Active in Lockdown

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Helping your children stay active during lockdown is just as important as keeping up their motivation and studies within remote learning. When your children were at School their recess and lunch times were most likely filled with running around or playing sport, and when they could, after-school activities were in full force. With organised extra-curricular activities and sport on hold indefinitely, there may be a chance your child is not getting enough physical exercise.

Keeping active is great for both you and children’s mental and physical health, and will help you navigate through this challenging time. Daily exercise is an opportunity to let go of what is going on in the world and a chance to clear your head whilst also maintaining a healthy habit. So how can we make sure your children are staying active? We’ve gathered some tips on how to keep your children’s bodies moving even during lockdown!


Set a Daily Exercise Time  

Try scheduling a set time to work out together as a family. By having a routine for daily exercise, it will ensure staying active becomes a habit of theirs. Perhaps make a time during a break from remote learning or after school. The Australian Department of Health recommend children and teens aged five to 17 years to have a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity each day. If an hour in one go is too much for your children or you are struggling to fit into their schedule, try exercising for shorter amounts of times throughout the whole day. Do star jumps, run on the spot or stretch out your legs for short periods during the day. Any movement is better than none at all.


At-Home Exercise

There are many home workout videos circulating the internet. No matter what interests your child there will always be something online from home exercise circuits, running apps or even dancing on TikTok. You could even organise zoom sessions with their friends to follow the workouts together. Below are a list of different resources for you and your child, and we promise there is something for everyone!


Make the most of the 1 hour outside
Even though we are restricted with the amount of time we have outside during these stage 4 restrictions, it is important to get out and about for that hour when you can. Go for a walk, jog or run, or perhaps get out the bike or scooter and have a ride.


Find Ways to Exercise That Doesn’t Seem Like Exercise

Setting time aside for household chores and tidying can be a great way to keep your family moving. Put on some music whilst they clean up their toys, fold their laundry or even help with the gardening. Busting a move whilst doing chores is not only keeping your children active but also keeping the house clean, win-win!

If cleaning up doesn’t excite your children, maybe create a family Olympics? Pick a prize that excites your children and think of activities for both you and your children to compete in. These can range from best dancer, basketball shooter or fastest runner? By turning exercise into a game, your children are more likely to join, especially if there is the possibility of a reward at the end.


Stay Motivated

In order for your children to stay active, as a parent you should be doing the same to set a good example. It is important to be active most days, or everyday if you can. However, we understand staying motivated to do so can be difficult. Here are some ideas that may help you and your children keep up with being active.

  • Find activities or exercises you actually enjoy
  • Vary your workouts to keep them interesting and ensure you don’t get bored
  • Set goals
  • Monitor your activity and progress through journaling
  • Get support from family and friends


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