Spreading the Christmas Cheer


Christmas is always a fun and festive part of the year, usually accompanied by gifts and time spent with loved ones. During this time it’s also good to reflect and help spread the cheer to those who need it most, this is the act of giving, something our Year 6 students were more than happy to help out with.

Heading off to Dandenong Market, our Year 6 classes had their sights set on purchasing goods for members of our neighbourhood that are in need.  The students eagerly set about negotiating their way around various stall holders, ensuring they were able to get as many goods as possible. Some students were also delighted when stall holders donated additional products when they heard what our students were doing.

On their return to school, they bundled their goods up to create amazing little hampers, ready to give to some of our neighbours in the coming days. The Christmas spirit was truly alive and well at Oakleigh Grammar.

What a great effort to all of those involved, helping to spread some festive cheer this holiday season.

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