Secondhand Shop

Purchase and sell second hand uniform items and text books.


Families have the opportunity to get some payment for their second hand uniform items and text books. See the “Events” section of the Skoolbag app for the next open dates and times. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about the Second Hand Shop.

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Frequently asked questions

A Pop-up second hand uniform and book store which promotes and values the recycling and reusing of resources in the Oakleigh Grammar community. You can buy, sell or donate your old Oakleigh Grammar uniforms, bags, and text books.

The Second Hand Pop-up Store is usually located in the Conference Center foyer. Occasionally the store’s location may differ, so check the school website, Facebook page, the Skoolbag App or ask at reception.

The Second Hand Pop-up Store is open at least once a month, more frequently around the start of term and for seasonal uniform change over (check dates here). Pop-up Store hours are usually from 2.30pm until 4pm. However before term begins it opens earlier, from 10am so check times on the events section of our Facebook on the icon above. Any enquiries can be emailed to

You can purchase second hand items for no more than 60% of new prices in the Pop-up Store.

You can donate your second hand uniform items anytime by leaving them at reception.

You can sell your second hand uniform items for up to 30% of new prices via consignment by either bringing them to the Pop-up Store, or by filling in the Consignment Form (available online) and leaving it together with your items at reception.

Back into the school community via the Parents’ Association.

Oakleigh Grammar parents volunteer their time.

The Second Hand Shop sells all second hand (and occasionally new), current, official Oakleigh Grammar academic uniform clothing items, sports uniform clothing items, all school bags, book bags, hats and text books from ELC through to Year 12.

The Second Hand Shop will only accept current, official Oakleigh Grammar uniform items and text books for consignment.

Please note, all past uniforms are happily accepted and will be donated to our friends at Paradise 4 Kids, where they will be most appreciated.