Kind Words from Father Mawal

Father Mawal has shared this heartfelt message with all of the OG community.


“I write to extend my heartfelt gratitude to you and the team of teachers and staff at Oakleigh Grammar. I pray wholeheartedly that you and the team are in good health of mind, soul, and body and that we are drawing near to the end of this experience.

I have dealt with many families over the last 280 odd days of lockdown and have seen their pains, joys, and school experiences. I can proudly confirm that Oakleigh Grammars continued adaptation and performance of online learning was second to none. Further, the intimate care that teachers offered our children and the mental health days saved not only our children but impacted greatly on the parents. For the immense effort taken to offer our children the best online education and care, I wish to thank you and every member of the board and staff of OG.

I pray that God grant you a hundredfold in this life and the next and may He bless you and the school with fruitful children to keep the school of Oakleigh Grammar prospering for generations to come.


With sincere gratitude and heartfelt prayers.


Father Jean Mawal”


Thank you for your kind words, our teachers and staff are grateful for the support.


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