International Students Government House Excursion

International Students

On 20th March our international students were invited to attend a morning at Government House with the Government of Victoria and the Queens Council. The students share their thoughts on the experience below.

We had light rain this morning. We took a taxi to the Government House to attend the International Student Welcome. Ms. Governor’s speech fully demonstrated the Government’s trust and understanding of international students. Through the visit to the Government, I learned about the many new western cultures, and also felt the gorgeousness and exquisiteness inside the Government House. Of course, the morning tea provided by the Government is also very delicious – Terrence

The best part about the day was when the international student, Sovann Eu gave a speech inspiring us to study hard and have fun at the same time. I loved that he was from Cambodia like Sinky and I – Mey

Throughout the morning I could feel a sense of warm welcome from the Victorian Government towards the international students. It was my pleasure that we took a good photo with the Governor of Victoria. She is kind lady and she took the time to greet each of us. I feel happy to study in Victoria – Hermon

It was an honour to be at the Government House to meet the Governor of Victoria and take a picture with her. I also listened to a lecture given by an international student who told us to combine work with pleasure, and then told us how to learn English which was very profitable to me. I am honoured – Demi

What an honourable day. Talking to the Governor of Victoria, listening to the most inspirational speech by the Parliamentary Secretary for Education in Victoria, and getting to understand other students’ journeys in Melbourne. I have learnt that studying in Melbourne is not only about studying, but also about having fun and experiencing the state as much as possible. The warm welcome I received gave me joy and motivated me to work even harder on my journey to becoming a better person, and being successful – Sinky



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