ELC Collaborative Butterfly

Black And White Butterflies Decor 9159

After much discussion about butterflies and what we know and wanted to find out about them, the class created a collaborative drawn butterfly. The children took it in turns to draw different sections of the butterfly, such as the eyes, thorax, abdomen, and wings.

We still have much to document on our rather large butterfly, however all the children were very eager and excited to have a go.

We used the laptop and printed pictures of a monarch butterfly to have a better understanding of what we could notice. The children discussed symmetry, shapes, lengths and habitats, allowing to the children to hypothesis, explore, notice, listen and share information within a group. Well done K4A!

Elsie- Butterflies sip nectar, they drink it, I seen it.

It is true Elsie, butterflies have a tongue, its called a proboscis. The children were all very excited to learn a new fan word.

How many legs does a butterfly have?

Christopher- I think four.

Hunter- No, I think 11, cause they have lots.

Anaya- Maybe like a spider, they have eight.

Ralph- They have a head like Penny (our leaf insect).

Olympia- Maybe it has the same as Penny.

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