COVID Safe Holiday Activities for the Whole Family

Oakleigh Grammar Melbourne Private School

Happy New Year to our Oakleigh Grammar Community! How fortunate were we Victorians to have come out of lockdown only a couple months before school finished for the year? To be able to spend Christmas with our family and friends was truly special. We want to say thank you to our Community for keeping each other healthy and safe.

As we know, this virus has not left us completely. With cases rising close to New Year’s Eve, restrictions were tightened once again. This reminded us that we are not back to normal, in fact we are in COVID normal. Lucky for us though, COVID normal allows us to do many exciting school holiday activities. However, with just under a month left, you may be running out of ideas to do as a family. This is why we have provided a number of activities to help keep your children busy for the last few weeks of the holidays.


Get back on the bike

You never forget how to ride a bike so why not use the school holidays to go for a family outing on your bike, skateboard, scooter or even rollerblades. There are plenty of family friendly paths around Melbourne to go for a smooth and enjoyable ride.


Get cooking

Are you thinking about what to pack for lunches when your children go back to school? These holidays are the perfect time to get your children excited about new foods. Have a go at cooking easy recipes with them, if they are involved in the process they are more likely to eat them. You’ll then have some tasty ideas for lunches in the new school year.


Go bouncing at the Inflatable Fun Park

Do you love solving puzzles? We suggest visiting the Inflatable Fun Park where you can get lost in Australia’s largest inflatable maze or check out the trampolines, climbing walls, mini-golf, and waterslides. There is even a silent disco where you can show off your best dance moves! For more information, visit their website:


Stay dry in the Rain Room

The ‘Rain Room’ is an immersive artwork that fills the ceiling of a darkened room with motion sensors and droplets of recycled water that imitate rain. As you walk slowly around the very wet room, you won’t get a single drop of water on you. The motion sensors detect where you are, resulting in a unique experience emulating a storm experience surrounding you, yet avoiding you completely. Have a go at controlling the weather, click the link to find out how and where:


Fly the sky in the Otway’s

If you’re keen to get out of the city and go for an adventure, the Otway Fly is the perfect place for you. Just under three hours’ drive from Melbourne, the Otway Fly is an experience like no other. Sitting in a beautiful private rainforest, children and adults have the opportunity to zip through the treetops and see the magnificent Otway Ranges from above. Why not make a holiday out of it and stay overnight nearby. If you’re ready to fly in the sky, click the link:

There are plenty of ways to keep the family entertained while staying COVID safe. Whether it’s getting outside and enjoying nature, staying inside and cooking up a storm or visiting Melbourne’s best pop up experiences.

We hope our students and families have had a well-deserved beak so far and we cannot wait to welcome you all through the Oakleigh Grammar gates!


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