Congratulations to the Class of 2020

Oakleigh Grammar Graduates 2020

No one would have predicted what was in store for 2020, particularly our Year 12 graduates. With the pandemic forcing schools to close and move to remote learning, VCE exams and ATAR scores were also delayed, in turn resulting in greater determination and possible nervousness for students. It is hard to believe the most important year of their schooling life has come to an end.

At Oakleigh Grammar, the Year 12 students have worked tirelessly throughout this challenging year to ensure their choice in offers and ATAR results reflected the career path each student has so carefully chosen. Something that has taken hard work, late nights, dedication as well as the need to develop their skill set to adapt to online learning. One such student that understands this first hand, is 2020 Oakleigh Grammar Dux, Xuwei (Amy) Ding, who today achieved an impressive ATAR result of 95.2.

Amy is Oakleigh Grammar’s first international student to to be recognised with this honour and has achieved her excellent score through hard work, diligence and always being open to asking for help. Amy has a love for Mathematics, and is interested in pursuing a career in Actuary or Banking. With the help of her teachers, her enthusiasm for Maths blossomed at Oakleigh Grammar and with that passion in mind, Amy hopes to study at Melbourne University to complete a Bachelor degree of Commerce. Given her previous commitment to her academic success, Amy will have a bright future ahead.

Amy’s success also attributed to an excellent overall result of 55% of Oakleigh Grammar graduates achieving ATAR scores of over 70, making another successful Graduate Cohort for the School. We would also like to acknowledge the success of five additional students for achieving outstanding results, including their chosen University course.

  • Artemis Moschoudi – 94.6 Bachelor degree of Laws and Criminology (Monash University)
  • Zena Makantasis – 94.2 Bachelor degree of Commerce (Melbourne University)
  • Ekaterini Demirgelis – 94.0
  • Alexandra Konstantinidi – 91.55 Bachelor Degree of Nursing and Midwifery (Deakin University)
  • Joy Andreou – 90.15
  • Efthymia Delichristou – 88.65 Bachelor Degree of Nursing and Midwifery (Deakin University)
  • Sinky Oeng – 88.15 Bachelor of Design (Melbourne University)

This is an excellent achievement for an independent boutique school, particularly within an undeniably taxing year. To achieve these results as a smaller and younger School is a true success story. As Oakleigh Grammar continues to grow from year to year, as do the results of our prosperous graduates.




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