China Tour Update

China 5

Dear Parents,

Our China tour has commenced very well, with everyone in good spirits and settling into to the groove.

We arrived in Shanghai on Saturday evening after a flight with quite a bit of turbulence. Didn’t seem to bother the travellers too much. We met Mr Frank, our guide for the next few days. He is happy, friendly and keen to please. The Holiday Inn has been home for the past two nights – the sensor heated toilet seats a big hit!

Sunday was a jammed packed Shanghai discovery tour that began in the museum. Quite surprisingly after a small guided tour, the students went off in exploration and discovered their own Chinese treasures. Next stop was a walk along the Bund – the main waterfront promenade. A place of distinct contrasts – old European style colonial buildings with lots of Chinese flags atop, and on the other side a modern city less than 30 years old, with buildings reaching for the sky. Lots of photos. To get to the other side we caught an underground people mover, reminding Ashlee of Willy Wonka traveling on the chocolate river.

For lunch and dinner we were treated to some delicious food. Impressively, the students have all attempted new foods, though plain white rice is still the preferred option.

On Sunday afternoon we went to the Yu Lin Gardens – an older part of Shanghai with hidden gardens amongst more traditional styled homes and temples. The big fish and turtles kept the travellers amused. The gardens were actually a gift from a wealthy merchant for his aging parents. Not sure the students quite got the significance (we tried).

After dinner we were fortunate to be entertained by a variety of Chinese acrobats who made everything look so easy.


Highlights so far…

Jared – the acrobatic shows, especially the dancers at the end

Charlotte – my favourite thing was touching the big fish

Lexi – the acrobatic show, especially when the lady balanced thirteen glasses on her forehead, and touching the massive fish

Frank – I liked walking around the temples and gardens yesterday afternoon, and the acrobatics

Khubi – my favourite part of yesterday was the museum where we saw old currencies and the writing on the oracle bones. I also liked the hoola hoops lady when she had over 20 hoops on

Natasha – I enjoyed the gardens and looking at all the giant fish. I also enjoyed the ballet part of the acrobatic show.

Rahnia – I enjoyed the acrobatic show and exploring the gardens and taking nature shots with Mr Dickinson


We are now on our way to the old water town outside of Shanghai. Ready for our next adventures!

Kind Regards,

Ashlee, Peter and Spiros

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