Careers at Oakleigh Grammar

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A key role in the growth of our students towards the end of their schooling experience is their time spent with Career Advisor, Michelle Mascaro. She has been entrusted to develop and implement a comprehensive and planned program of learning experiences to assist students to make informed decisions about managing their life, learning and work. 


The knowledge Mrs Mascaro brings to the role provides vital mentoring and advice to students as they navigate their school years, and move to suitable post-secondary opportunities. She describes the role as an honour and privilege, being able to assist and guide students on their career development journey. Helping with VCE subject selection right through to their post-school pathways, whether they enter into tertiary courses, careers and employment.


What is a careers advisor?

When asked for an overview of her role Mrs Mascaro explains her passion for the job, “it is not a job, it is a vocation”. Her role involves advising students on VCE subject selections and providing them with up-to-date information on courses and careers. Added to this, Mrs Mascaro organises and hosts careers events for our students, as both incursions and excursions. Finally, the most important part of the role is providing students with ongoing one-on-one course advice and careers counselling across Years 9-12, as well as to our Alumni.


The impact you have on students

A major part of Mrs Mascaro’s role, is providing the students and parents reassurance. A highlight as she describes, is when students and parents realise there is more than one pathway to their future, and there is always a sense of relief and happiness. 

Another impactful moment Mrs Mascaro shared, is celebrating the many successes with past and present students. This could be when students have been selected into their chosen course or dream job that she helped them locate, and when Alumni make contact to either obtain assistance in changes of current pathway or to inform her of their newfound success.


At Oakleigh Grammar we thank Mrs Mascaro for all her hard work in providing our young people with an expansive Careers program. The resources, knowledge and skills provided will prepare our students for their transition to further studies, the workforce and for life as capable, valued members of society. 


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