Big Experiments for Little Students

Img 9704

Last Thursday, students from our ELC got the opportunity to venture out into our Senior School for a very special Science class, ran by our excellent Head of Senior School, Mrs Sharron Frame.

Eager and enthralled, our ELC students sat ever so quietly as Mrs Frame ran through a vast variety of experiments, from making teabag rockets, to creating magic crystals through heat, and even formulating a foaming toothpaste concoction big enough for elephants to brush their teeth.

The students loved every minute of the class and excitedly answered when they were asked to hypothesize which of their sensors they used to analyse the experiment, learning that we can use our ears, eyes and nose, but we never use our hands directly in the lab.

The class finished with Mrs Frame providing each of our little scientists with their very own participation award. Based on the students’ faces in the photos below, the class was a massive hit, and we may even have some budding scientists on our hands!

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