Arrowsmith Program Latest Research

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The emerging science of neuroplasticity, the key component of the Arrowsmith Program, has found that the brain is more capable of change than ever thought possible.

Ms Arrowsmith-Young said the research shows clear changes in brain activation and connectivity, changes in rates of learning, changes in academic achievement, changes in cognitive abilities, changes in social and emotional wellbeing, changes in growth, and changes in stress levels as a result of being part of the Arrowsmith Program.

New research, carried out by Canada’s University of British Columbia (UBC), into the Arrowsmith Program has shown children with specific learning difficulties demonstrate significant improvements by training their brains using neuroplasticity techniques.

The wealth of research is pointing to significant improvements in the capacity of a child with learning difficulties to learn new things including improved academic skills, cognitive functioning and rate of learning.

Recently visiting Oakleigh Grammar, Ms Arrowsmith-Young consolidated the research and positive impact of the program, with an inspirational seminar for the hundred and eighty people in attendance.

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