Alumni Profile: Christopher (Class of 2017)

Alumni Profile Chris

Growing up, most of us are told that going to university is essential. However, this is not necessarily true for everyone, as each individual thrives from different pathways and many can become successful without the need for further study. This is highlighted by Christopher, an Alumni of Oakleigh Grammar, who graduated from our School in 2017.

Since commencing his schooling at Oakleigh Grammar, Christopher always an had active involvement with various sporting clubs. He even had the opportunity to attend the Greek School Games in Queensland to represent our School in both Table Tennis and Volleyball. The intense rivalry between the schools almost made it feel like he was playing at the Olympic games. It is an experience he will never forget, and one of his greatest memories shared with his team and supportive friends.

After graduating, Christopher decided to take on university, and began his Bachelor of Marketing at Swinburne University. However, not too long into the course, he realised it wasn’t for him. As someone who has always been energetic and has a love for physical activity, being at university wasn’t engaging enough for Christopher. In that moment, he decided to join the Army Reserves. Pursuing a career in the military seemed like the perfect choice for him. Not only was it an exciting and challenging experience, but it was also a highly rewarding one. In this unique experience, Christopher gained soldier skills including combat shooting and field craft abilities.

Being apart of the Army Reserves for a few years helped Christopher learn more about who he is, and what he can do for his community. Wanting a career change that carried on this element of service, Christopher applied for a banking job. This change, although appears quite different compared to the military, allowed him to continue dealing with people from all walks of life and be within a rewarding place to work. His community mindedness and knack for seeking growth is undeniable, and this was clear when he chose to postpone his interview after being called out for one last time with the Reserves to help out with the bushfires earlier this year. After assisting with the bushfires, Christopher returned home and went straight to the interview. He successfully got the job. Congratulations Christopher, we are excited to see what happens next on your journey of life!


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