AEAS Virtual Fair for International Study at Oakleigh Grammar

International Students

Oakleigh Grammar works with AEAS to recruit and test international students and meet their families. AEAS events are held annually in China and bring together Australian schools, quality student recruitment agents and international families considering applying to Australian schools. Understanding our key markets, and where our international students are coming from is important for Oakleigh Grammar to develop and maintain a strong relationship with international education agents, alumni, current and past parents, and local schools that support international student recruitment.

Preparations for the 2020 annual event were well underway as we became aware of Covid-19. The uncertainty whether the event would take place grew as the situation became a Global Pandemic. AEAS continued to monitor the conditions worldwide and when it became evident travel would not be available the difficult decision to cancel the event was made.

With all face to face events cancelled, AEAS wanted to ensure that Australian schools continued to have the opportunities to promote their 2021 offerings in key markets. With the help of technology, AEAS have decided to offer Virtual Fairs across China, Hong Kong, and Australia. AEAS Virtual Fairs will be key to support and maintain pipeline of international school students for 2021 and beyond.

The AEAS Virtual Fair will be an opportunity for Oakleigh Grammar to engage with international markets and meet with perspective students and parents to discuss learning at our School. It will also be a chance to build awareness of the desirability of an Australian school education, and to highlight our School as a destination that leads to successful student outcomes at school, university, and employment.

Oakleigh Grammar is now offering interview places for years 7 – 10 (for 2021 enrolment), with our Head of Admissions. We are holding individual interview timeslots with families and students on June 20 & 21 2020 via Zoom. If you are interested, please register here.

For further information, please contact our Head of Admissions, Mrs Jane Tepper.

email:  phone: 03 8554 0014

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